Enter ActivityPub! ActivityPub is a decentralized social networking protocol based on the ActivityStreams 2.0 data format. ActivityPub is an official W3C recommended standard published by the W3C Social Web Working Group. It provides a client to server API for creating, updating and deleting content, as well as a federated server to server API for delivering notifications and subscribing to content.

A very basic representation of the actor model that ActivityPub uses, representing the user, server, and the rest of the world as part of a two-tiered communication: the server to server part of the protocol, and the client to server part of the protocol.

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We're so stoked to have you implementing ActivityPub! We have guides covering the most common implementation cases, and helping you get an overview of the technologies ActivityPub uses in production. To ensure you are effectively compatbile with most existing implementations, we invite you to join us on our #social IRC channel on irc.w3.org, and our forum at socialhub.activitypub.rocks.

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You implementation is live? We provide a home for implementations to present themselves. Consider adding yours, or reaching out to others. You can also report detailed information about the parts of the specification you support in the implementation reports.

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Improve the living standard that is ActivityPub, and join our meetings (minutes here) along with other users of the protocol, as well as discuss suggestions on the issue tracker or the dedicated forum section.